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Valentine's Contest - February 15

Winner of Wellness Package including One month gym membership, One personal training session & One light therapy treatment ~ Congratulations Emily Hollinger!

Skip The Sugar Contest - March 8

Winner of a One Month Gym Membership - Congratulations Alyssia Yaychuk!

Runner Up winning 2 Free Tans- Congratulations Brittany Brodie!

Mental Health Week Contest - March 13

Winner of a 30 Minute Massage - Alyssa Checkley

Winner of One Yoga Class & One Tan - Leesa Lillie

13th Anniversary Door Prizes - May 13

Winners of our 13 Door Prizes were:

13 Week Gym Membership - Jason Pilkington

1 Month Gym Membership - Maureen Allen

Personal Training Session & Consultation - Don Cherry

Personal Training Assessment - Justin Bowden

2 Group Fitness Classes - Lucie Walker & Juliann Ellis

30 Minute Massage - Lynn Albrecht

$13 Gift Card - Nate McCall & Jason Feenstra

13 Minutes Tanning & Sample Lotion - Brenda Trommelen & Melissa Horner

One Tanning Session - Mike Kailing & Kyle Allair

13th Champagne Anniversary Basket Draw - May 31

Winner of a 2 Month Gym Membership, $25 Gift Card towards Tanning OR Personal Training OR Classes, Bottle of Champagne & Two Antique Champagne Glasses, Chocolates and Assorted Body Products all packaged in a beautiful Ceramic Container -  Carlos Rodriguez

Fall Group Fitness Draw - October 4

Winners of a $30 Saugeen Fitness & Spa Gift Card were:

Krista Hunter

Christine Ditner

Greg Ford

Lifesyle Challenge - December 17

Winner of a One Month Gym membership - Alyssa Checkley 

Customer Appreciation and Open House - December 17

Winners of the Door Prizes were:

Holly Hoffman - 30 Minute Massage

Marty Hibberd - Fitness Assessment

Justine Garner - Tan, Lotion, Goggles