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Note: For Pricing M= Member and NM= Non-Member

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Two Handed Swing

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Check out this great video demonstrating a Spin class. 

How To Lose Weight and Build Bone Density with Kangoo Jumping

Fitness for Seniors
Fab and Fit classes Wednesdays at 10am starting September 26

Hot Yoga Class 

Classes begin September 26

Check out this example of a Zumba Dance Party!

Classes begin September 25

Group Fitness Policies

General Policy Information

All registration forms must be completed prior to the start date of the program. This includes payment by cheque or credit card information. 

Fees apply to attending one program, once a week.

Payments will not be processed until classes begin. Services will not be provided until payment is received. 

All fees are subject to HST

All sales are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable

$10 fee will be charged for any N.S.F. payments and clients will be required to pay the remaining balance of membership fees. 


Youth (14+) are welcome to join our group fitness classes with a parent or guardian written consent. Parents are required to review the Class Etiquette policy with your child prior to attending classes. Parents will receive verbal and written notice if any issues or concerns occur.

Class Etiquette

At Saugeen Fitness & Spa we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment. To accomplish this, we ask that clients abide by the following simple rules: 

NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR PERMITTED. Clean indoor running shoes are mandatory.

Wear clean and comfortable clothing.

All members are asked to wipe equipment after after class with provided spray cleaner and cloths. 

Return equipment you have used to its original location after class. 

Water is highly recommended in a tightly sealed container. No other food or beverages allowed.

Bringing your own personal seat towel is strongly encouraged.

Always be respectful to other participants and the instructor. Please silence call phones & limit personal conversations. 

Please arrive early to allow our classes to start on time. 

We require a minimum of 6 students for all classes. We reserve the right to cancel any class if minimum enrollment numbers are not met. Should a class be cancelled, participants will be notified immediately.