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Pilates Matwork

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga


MONDAY  7:00  -  8:00PM

Benefit from the positive effects of a total body conditioning program to help tone abs and strengthen overall.  Learn to work with thoracic breathing while performing floor exercises with an emphasis on core. Improve your flexibility and move through various levels of difficulty.  No footwear required.

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga


 TUESDAY 10:00 - 11:00AM

In the pursuit of overall wellness, physically and mentally, learn practical yoga applications in optional positions with the aid of a chair if needed. The program will assist in improving strength, agility, balance and flexibility as well aiding in reducing stress, discomfort resulting from injuries, physical issues, aging or lack of physical activity.  This program is great for fall prevention and awareness for any and awareness for any age and fitness level.

Total Body Strength Conditioning

Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga

Total Body Strength Conditioning


TUESDAY 7:00 - 8:00PM

Work on building all major muscles using EMON, Supersets and other effective training methods.  Condition yourself for summer with body weight exercises, dumbbells or substitute weight if able.

Latin Dance

Latin Dance

Total Body Strength Conditioning


 WEDNESDAY  7:00  -  8:00  PM

Don't let J.Lo and Shakira have all the fun! 

Shake up your Spring with some easy dance steps - merengue, salsa, cha cha and MORE! Great for core, toning legs & butt, plus get in 5000+ cardio steps in 1 hour. 

Body Blast

Latin Dance

Yoga Basics


THURSDAY   7:00  -  8:00PM

A  fun  exhilarting  full  body  workout  that includes  cardio  conditioning  and strength  training. This is for anyone who enjoys doing it all and learning training  techniques such as HIIT, Tabata and more! No equipment needed.

Yoga Basics

Latin Dance

Yoga Basics


 SATURDAY  9:30 - 10:30AM

Whether you are a beginner learning the basics of yoga positions or improving your current or past yoga practice, you will benefit from the various postures and flowing sequences at your own level.  The program is designed to focus on improving balance, posture, flexibility and strength in a relaxed environment.  Finish with breathing and relaxation techniques that help reduce stress, anxiety, improve mood and concentration and leave you feeling calm. 



In partnership with HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, Cancer Patient Services, and Saugeen Fitness!

Call Carol Armstrong, Cancer Care Coordinator, at Mount Forest Family Health Team to participate ~ 519-323-0255  ext. 5014 

Forms and payment information must be completed prior to first class. 

You can register at the club with cash, debit or credit card payment OR by email or telephone by providing your credit card information.

  1. Registering ensures your space. 
  2. Registering for a program means that you commit to the same class on a weekly basis. 
  3. Programs require a minimum number to proceed – Bring a friend!
  4. Drop-In attendance is limited in classes requiring special equipment ex. Spin Express. Please check first BEFORE arriving.
  5. Drop-In’s can reserve an available spot via email, telephone or at the club.
  6. Programs are co-ed and for ages 14 and up.
  7. Clean indoor footwear is mandatory if runners are required. 
  8. NO CREDIT! Registration requires payment.
  9. All sales are final, non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  10. No refunds or transferring for missed classes.
  11. HST applies to fees.



FIND A GROUP OF FRIENDS, CO-WORKERS, OR FAMILY who would like a special program and let us know!  

BONUS for organizer of the group!

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Class Demonstration Videos

Join Us for Latin Dancing - Class Details Above

A example of Release, Rebalance & Restore Yoga

Check out this Pilates sequence

Group Fitness Policies


General Policy Information

All fees are subject to HST

All sales are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable


Youth (14+) are welcome to join our group fitness classes with a parent or guardian written consent. Parents are required to review the Class Etiquette policy with your child prior to attending classes. Parents will receive verbal and written notice if any issues or concerns occur.

Class Etiquette

At Saugeen Fitness & Spa we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment. To accomplish this, we ask that clients abide by the following simple rules: 

NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR PERMITTED. Clean indoor running shoes are mandatory.

Wear clean and comfortable clothing.

All members are asked to wipe equipment after after class with provided spray cleaner and cloths. 

Return equipment you have used to its original location after class. 

Water is highly recommended in a tightly sealed container. No other food or beverages allowed.

Bringing your own personal seat towel is strongly encouraged.

Always be respectful to other participants and the instructor. Please silence call phones & limit personal conversations. 

Please arrive early to allow our classes to start on time.